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» OMG, more nude male celebs!

!! OMG he’s naked: Javier Bardem !!

Thank goodness the Spanish aren’t as prudish as we are when it comes to getting naked, otherwise we wouldn’t have nudie pics of recent Oscar winner Javier Bardem.
See NSFW full-frontals of the unabashed Javier on a couple of beaches and in a photo shoot after the jump.
Ugh, that was thoroughly not clever. Oh well.


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    Oh My !!!!
    I hope he’s a grower. If not girth would help.
    Still would hit that though

    again with the size queens! too bad nobody with a normal sized dick will show it im america. otherwise we would realize that this is what a guy’s dick looks like – and this guy is beautiful to look at.

    wow! i always read these comments posted ands most commenters are stupid i mean hes not all that small plus hes wet and coming out of a beach at the moment which means shrinkage and i bet you people arent no miraculous wonders yourself this is probly why most celebs dont go nude is so they dont have to read your moronic size king comments christ!

    Is he cut or uncut?


    someone’s definitely a grower! I mean, he’s in, or just got out of water in all of these.

    Ah yes, now the clouds can open up. Thank goodness Graydon posted something I’ve always wanted to see. I have always had a curiousness about Javier Bardem since I saw his earlier films. I thought he would be uncut, but according to these wonderful, clear photos, he appears to be cut. He makes a nice model and still could. Javier is in fine shape. I will continue to watch Javier Bardem in every film he makes. Such a versatile actor and I have enjoyed his work. Any chance for a sequel to, No Country For Old Men (2007)?

    He was in cold water, gimme a break. If you wanna see how big our sexy man gets rent “Jamon Jamon”, and check out his swinging dick in one scene, and also his hard on in his undies. Movies are just better from Europe 😛

    For some reason he always reminds me of Brad Garret, which takes away a little bit of his hotness…

    I didn’t think he was small at all, Maverick69. Looks like it’s sized quite nicely, to me.

    I love him

    he’s a beauty, regardless of the bitchy comments about his size…he looks great…

    He’s gorgeous!

    definitely sexy.

    Can’t help lovin’ that man.

    Hell yes!
    He looks GOOD. This is awesome becuase usually when there’s an OMG: He’s Naked I’ve already seen it but this was a total unexpected (and delicious) shocker!

    nice… I have a vid somewhere of him running around naked – always fun watching his thick cock bounce around. It’s out there on the net somewhere…

    Not as big as I hoped, but he’s still cute 🙂

    Javier is definitely a VERY sexy man. Don’t belittle [no pun intended] his cock size; after all, he’s been frolicking in the water, and all men know about “shrinkage”. Viva Javier!!

    He is beyond sexy. Woof!

    Wooowwa he is a sultry man!
    Look at those shoulders mmmmm.
    And seriously, there’s no way to
    tell his size from outdoor photos.
    I had a bf that smaller than that when limp, and was a good 8 inches when..not limp hah hah!

    Hotdamn! Javier is beautiful, hung and thick! Yummy!

    hot hot hot HOTTTT!!!

    Small? What are you talking about?!?! Javier is perfect. He’s more than enough. Thanks for sharing–now I am even more insanely jealous of Penelope than I was before.

    he is uncut


    screw the penis size can you imagine him dirty talking during sex!? Penelope is a lucky woman haha and yeah,he may be a grower not a shower and like a few on here have already stated about shrinkage it happens, either way I would still jump him like no tomorrow haha! 🙂

    Well difficult to say but a little disappointing but he still has a gorgeous face. Look at those brooding eyes and tht lovely smile. He’s a real looker and what a wonderful voice he has and doesn’t mean much to the rest of us anyway. If Penelope likes his body then tht’s all tht really matters. We get to drool over his lovely eyes and smile and tht great voice. UMMMMMMMMMM

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