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!! OMG he’s sorta funny: Matt Damon !!

My god I love Sarah Silverman. Here she is in a video made to get back at Jimmy Kimmel for making fun of Matt Damon so much.

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    the fucking matt damon part was great (i mean what gay guy wouldn’t jump at the chance?), the sarah silverman part wasn’t though.

    Hilarious! & god, am I jealous!!

    That was great! I only today learned that Sarah and Jimmy are a long time couple.
    Matt Damon was also an awesome rock star in this silly teen movie (also singing about getting it on with some other dude’s girl):

    i hate that bitch, she’s not even funny. She’e just like her man, Kimmel, lame…

    That is the funniest post I have ever seen here; I love it!!


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