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!! OMG I want a Charley !!

Charley is a kitty with Cerebellar Hypoplasia. That mean he walk funny.
Okay, calm down, before you get mad at me for making a joke about a handicapped cat, let me tell you that he’s totally fine, has a normal life expectancy, and isn’t in pain. He just walk funny. Walk funny right into my heart.
Via poeTV




    He’s a cutie. Walks like some cowboys i know!

    That made me tear up… silly kitty only make me love my own cats more

    OMG… SO CUTE… We used to have a kitten that had some serious issues, too… he couldn’t make a jump to save his little life, he’d randomly just fall over and lay there, and he couldn’t “meow”, he just squeeked… he was the most loving ever!

    Il est trop mignon. Un chat même malada reste un amour de chat.
    Continue de vivre, petit minou, tu es trop mignon.
    Bisous …

    AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW…he’s so cute. Sadly my Inky is just a clutz,no medical diagnosis needed for her…..It’s so sad to watch a cat roll over on a bed and fall off….or walk right off the edge of the counter on a daily basis and act like she meant to do it.

    What a sweetie. Like Ryan I got a bit teary over this one. It’s great that Charley has owners that obviously love him and want to help out other cats with the same issue.

    omg how adorable!

    I hate cats, but Charley did make me smile.

    That was… kinda touching *blush*
    Such sweet postings make me wanna marry Graydon even more! 😛

    Wow….i’ve work for the spca in Montreal for 15 years and i would like to thank you for your dedications for animals, merci beaucoup !!!Keep-up the very good work…Sylvain xx

    i was hypnotized by that whole video. my cat has no disease but he is very clumsy.
    SO. CUTE!

    “Walk funny right into my heart” is right…I think I just got a little dewdrop. And I hate cats.

    that is the sweetest cat. the vid made me tear up.

    thats sooo cute! i want one!

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