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!! OMG it’s Betty White !!

BETTY! Here’s the ol’ bitty on Craig Ferguson. I am personally a bit annoyed by Craig, but Betty’s such a good sport and dirty broad. I think my gramma’s dirty underneath her calm sweet exterior, too. Skank.

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    I saw the Ugly Betty White clip on the TV Land Awards. She’s still got it at 85. And yes, she does have a raunchy side. She posed nekkid back before she got her first TV gig in the ’50s.

    A bit over-scripted, but still funny.

    that was great but would have even been better if craig wasn’t there. I can’t stand that guy.
    speaking of betty white though, anyone see that episode of ugly betty? now that’s hilarity at its best.

    flippin hilarious!
    i love her!!

    I love her. She’s well known to have shown a naughty side on talk shows since, well, before most of us were born. She is great at being very earnest and committed to a joke too.

    She is absolutely the best! That cracked me up! Hehe. :o)

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