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!! OMG it’s erotic: The Onion !!

After listening to the latest THIS AMERICAN LIFE about writers at The Onion, I did a little archive searching and found an article with the headline “Why Do All These Homosexuals Keep Sucking My Cock?” By the end of it I wasn’t laughing so much as I was a bit turned on. Is that wrong?

Take last Sunday, for instance, when I casually struck up a conversation with this guy in the health-club locker room. Nothing fruity, just a couple of fellas talking about their workout routines while enjoying a nice hot shower. The guy looked like a real man’s man, too–big biceps, meaty thighs, thick neck. He didn’t seem the least bit gay. At least not until he started sucking my cock, that is.

Oh my! CLICK HERE to read the full vintage article. It scares me that I just called something from 1998 “vintage”.




    Yes, I have loved that “opinion piece” from The Onion for years. So funny and SO HOT!

    “Where did this fairy ever get the idea that I was gay? And where did he get those fantastic boots?”

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