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!! OMG look out: Fran and Rosie together !!

D’Yikes! Look out. According to the LA TIMES, Fran Drescher and Rosie O’Donnell are teaming up to do a sitcom. Apparently Courtney Thorne-Smith will have a part in it as well.

Rosie plays a boorish and overweight (but lovable) oaf with a hot blonde wife. Fran plays her friend, a woman who considers herself a sexpot despite her extremely grating voice.

Why oh why does Rosie keep going back to TV? Doesn’t she hate it? Didn’t she write a book called “Celebrity Detox”? I guess I shouldn’t talk. I keep making myself sick on Cinnabons then going straight back for more. God damn Cinnabons are good.

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    Omg! Totally ditto on the Cinnabon thing! Damn you Cinnabon, you always go straight for my thighs. >_

    Is CTS going to play the hot blonde wife? If so, then she’s basically going from “According To Jim” to a lesbian version of “According To Jim”…

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