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!! OMG we were robbed: The Grammys !!

I think last night was the first time I watched a whole Grammy Awards Show without getting frustrated, bored, and just changing the channel. I mean, I got frustrated and bored, but I didn’t change the channel.
feist copy.jpg
Poor Feisty-Feist! Our Canadian hopeful was shut out of her four nominations and didn’t get a Grammy last night. But she got to perform, so hopefully that’s good for business.
Oh, and did Alicia Keys do a dead-person duet with Frank Sinatra? Yikessssssssssssssss…
See Feist’s performance of 1234 after the jump.




    I get the feeling the only way anyone is going to be able to sing a standard anymore is if they have a black and white film of a dead icon singing with them. It’s kinda sad considering Keys and Sinatra would probably hate one another.

    i hate the stage design this year…

    I love Feist. I’ve seen her live before. She’s so amazing

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