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!! Kermit does Mariah !!

While I’m on this Mariah Carey tear, let me ask you this: Who knew that Kermit the Frog had the pipes or the emotional depth to sing Mariah’s power ballad “Lead the Way”? Watch and be amazed. (Thanks to Jamie for the tip!)

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    screw kermit; that guy’s smile was adorable!

    And here I was hoping to see Kermit singing Mariah in his own voice… But it’s kinda funny — and faggy. I agree the guy’s kinda cute too — and only a queen with flair can handle Kermit like that… 😉

    SOOOOO much better when you don’t have to watch the b…. sing it! Still crap…

    Well the boy there is kinda cute

    ahahahhaa, ok how can you top that one 😉

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