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!! OMG better than socks: The Big Boy !!

THE BIG BOY package enhancer will help you out when you’re taking a dip in the cold North Atlantic by making sure nobody sees your shrivelled up junk.

How does a modern man handle a swimming race in cold waters? If you want to look good, you might consider The Big Boy (formerly called The Bulge). Worn under Speedos, Spandex Shorts, Underwear or pants, this flexible unit enhancer will make everything look a little larger.

Here’s a solution – wear trunks!

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    I bought one of these through Koala Swimwear and I noticed that it didn’t come with instructions. It also went flat after wearing for a while. It’s still in my underwear drawer if anybody wants it. LOL

    yeah, great idea until you meet a guy at said swimming race and get him in the sack.
    let’s just say honesty really is the best policy.

    The pic. on the front of the box looks like someones back, not their stomach. Where’s the bellybutton?

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