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!! OMG he’s naked: Arnold Schwarzenegger !!

Long before his political career, and just after he started acting, Schwarzenegger was shot nude for the magazine AFTER DARK in 1977. Check out his bits and pieces in an NSFW shot after the jump.


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    they photoshopped it. look at the towel, the area around his dick.

    I think he has a fine piece of meat hanging between his legs. What a Hunk!!!

    Arnold looks like a hottie in that picture. With a nice big piece

    My BF is gonna get big headed (no pun intended) when I tell him he is significantly thicker than Mr.Arnold…

    Maybe that’s it. I feel like I saw screen grabs from that movie on NudeCelebrities.com back in the day…
    His ass probably looks like cottage cheese now.

    looks very CUT to me…..both pix. Probably haD A JEWISH DOCTOR IN AUSTRIA

    That picture is older than I am and I am 51

    Playgirl magazine ran this along with a couple other photos long before anyone knew what photoshop was. I am pretty sure it’s real.

    You can see the other pic here…

    Is THIS what you mean, Kevin?

    He was naked in Pumping Iron though wasn’t he?

    Photoshopped in… I am laughing. Look at the smear along the towel.

    Cut or uncut? I can’t tell, but guessing uncut.

    I seem to remember another pic as well…

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