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!! OMG he’s naked: Patrick Dempsey !!

Frank will be back on Wednesday. In the meantime – have a look at the rather disappointing nude pics of McDreamy from the movie “Some Girls”.
NSFW screen-caps after the jump.


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    OMFG! he looks really hot in those pics nice and young mmmmmm mmmmm i think he looked wayyyy better back then =]

    Well … whaddya know … not ALL bottoms are hung like bulls.
    (Maybe he was just nervous)

    No frank, all beans!

    it’s a movie, which is supposed to imitate real life. do you walk around with a boner 24/7? please dont’ answer that!

    Oh gosh, it’s like a little fur button on a Patrick Dempsey suit!!
    And I’m glad you’re still here hottie-Graydon! Yaaaaaaaaay!

    1 he was young and 2 he is sitting down its not permanently hanging out or hard :L especially when you sit down

    Speaking for myself .i find him to be a very cute guy. you dont need much up front to be a good bottom.

    To slightly rework an old quote: I am always amazed how some men can so diminish the universe as to measure all things by the size of a penis.

    regardless he is much more appealing today, older 🙂

    If you could even judge one soft? looks normal to me, still a serious hottie!

    Theres an old Wendys commercial from the 80’s with Clara Peller(she was fab!)sayin;WHERES THE BEEF!!! where is it?Hes all balls & no bat! Whats the story? LOL!!!

    What did ya expect? He’s Irish for cripes sakes! Never heard of the Irish curse? If you’re gonna go slobbering after some hot Irish guy you better not be a size queen. I have yet to meet an Irishman (or Scot for that matter) that doesn’t look just like Mr. Dempsey when the pants come off. Teeny peenies just come with the Celtic territory, and it’s the trade off you get for the rest of the guy being so hot. Sadly, few want to spend much time talking about what great balls the men get, or how sexy the men from that part of the world can be, or for that matter how beautiful their cocks are, some of the prettiest meat around, even if they are unquestionably little.

    super las fotos

    Give a guy a chance, until you see his erection it all means nothing. I am Irish and you would say the same until my 8 1/2 show up and goes to work. So judge not.

    God, I’m 7 years late! Just saw this pic. What the guys said earlier about the Irish (and Scotch) ‘curse’ is pretty much correct. I’m half Irish and half Scotch…I have half a penis! lol.
    It bothered me when I was younger, but you finally realize you were born that way and there is nothing (save surgery, yikes!) that will change it. Life goes on! Plus, it helps I’m not bad looking and work out (started working out to detract from my small peen! just telling the truth!)


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