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!! OMG, how clean: Reh Dogg !!

I hardly know what to say about this music video for Reh Dogg’s hit single “Why Must I Cry?” except to paraphrase one of the YouTube commenters: “this shit is graphic. he’s washing his ass at one point.” (Don’t worry, it’s safe for work.)

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    Reh Dogg is at it again to top his Why must I cry video with a new video he wants to go viral
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FFDNn82qZWA – I’m jerking off

    “Safe for work”? If people saw me watching this at work, they’d think I was an idiot–especially if they heard that godawful voice.

    He must be crying because he saw his messed up grill in the mirror.

    whatta an ugly muthafuka…i’d rather swallow dogs bollox

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