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!! OMG, new Björk video: ‘Wanderlust’ !!

The much-hyped new video for Björk‘s single “Wanderlust” was released today exclusively on Yahoo! Music.
Sean Hellfritsch and Isaiah Saxon of Encyclopedia Pictura (previous work includes the video for Grizzly Bear’s “Knife”) outdid themselves with the beautiful visuals. Too bad the video quality on Yahoo! sucks so badly that you can barely make out what’s going on in certain sections.
Compare the opening sequence to the still below.
I will post a higher quality video when I find it.
UPDATE: Download a hi-res Quicktime of the video here. (Thanks, Kevin!)

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    gorgeous……she is accused of being eccentric – what other entertainer is capable of this kind of message,this puts madonna and the rest of them to shame – this is what art and entertainment is supposed to be.

    Too bad here (USA) the media prefer to focus on Britney and Lindsay and not on real artists like Bjork.

    Huge, huge thanks to Encyclopedia Pictura. This is the best Björk video since “All Is Full Of Love”. It reminds me of the epic videos she and Gondry made in the 90’s – when I first fell in love with her. I can’t wait to see the 3D version!!!

    now that is an amazing video. bravo!

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