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!! OMG, so tight: This guy’s jeans !!

This girl can barely contain herself over the hilarity of photographing that guy in the background. It looks like he has a small kitten trapped in the crotch of his jeans. Ouch!
Make sure you click to enlarge the photo.

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    “Would the pix be more acceptable had the guy been young and gorgeous?”
    I don’t know about acceptable but it sure would have been more interesting.

    how disgusting

    OMG! Someone would really wear pants like that in this the 21st century? A bit “Peter Berlin-ish”. At least Peter Berlin looked grotesquely hot when he did it way back then. Would the pix be more acceptable had the guy been young and gorgeous? Hmmm … NOT! Guys wearing pants like that is just gross.

    “here kitty kitty !!” The guy in background is checking it out !

    looks like a rolled up sock

    LOL thats in Melbourne, how embarrassing!!!

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