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!! PerfectGuyz contest winner !!

Wow, there were lots of responses to the PerfectGuyz contest, a lot of them correct, some half correct, but the winner is Alexander with the answer of “Showgirls: VIP Edition DVD and monetary donations.”
To clear up some confusion about the comments, all comments on !! omg blog !! are held for moderation as a spam protection measure. However, if you have a Typekey account, your comment might appear immediately. This does not mean you were first, just that your comment has appeared before I’ve released the moderated comments. In most cases, you won’t know the winner of the contest until I’ve formally announced it in a post.
Thanks again to the folks at the Gay Bloggies and to PerfectGuyz [link NSFW] for the great prize. Keep reading !! omg blog !! for a new contest later this week!

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