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!! Final Fantasy & Grizzly Bear cover Bjork !!

Following the release of Björk’s gorgeous new “Wanderlust” video yesterday, Owen Pallett of Final Fantasy and Ed Droste of Grizzly Bear have released a very well-done cover of her song “Possibly Maybe,” which you can download right here.
DOWNLOAD: “Possibly Maybe” (Björk cover) by Final Fantasy and Grizzly Bear

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    I am into Ed and his nose. I’ll take a piece please

    Nice Bjork cover…
    …although what I really want to say is how badly I’d like to be inbetween them…all nude-like.
    Ahh…dream on.

    Owen Pallett is SO adorable. His boyfriend/manager is one lucky guy.

    2 of my favorite artists covering another amazing artist! perfect!

    It’s worth noting that this song is just part of an entire reimagining of Bjork’s Post put together by music blog stereogum. It’s called Enjoyed and has covers of all the songs from the record by a variety of acts, including Xiu Xiu and Atlas Sound, both of which also feature gay frontmen.
    Download the whole thing here.

    You LOVE Bjork.

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