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!! OMG, he’s naked: Jim Carrey !!

I’ll bet you were worried I would show you some recent paparazzi shot of Jim Carrey in all his naked glory, or worse yet, the Jim Carrey/Jenny McCarthy sex tape.
In fact, no, after the jump take a look at Jim in a very early role in the film All In Good Taste where he bares it all [NSFW].

Click to enlarge.
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    He isn´t Jim Carter, in that time he was a man young of 35 years old, the man in the pic is older.

    Holy hell.

    Frank never mind Carey, who is the hairy number on the right? I can’t wait until you have a contest for the celebrity website! That one I really want to win! Celebrities are my all-time favorite fantasy. Back in the 90’s I was followed into an upscale department store men’s room by an Olympic gold medallist! What a thrill

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