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!! OMG, how cute: Fattest cat !!

What a big baby! I know it’s not healthy, but just look how big and squishy Orazio, the 35-pound cat from Eupilio, Italy is. And his mommy just don’t care. (via WOW Report)

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    This is just as much cruelty,as starving the cat – you should be ashamed,not showing him off.

    You’re a fuckface! That is terrible & animal cruelty! Poor kitty! How can you call yourself a cat lover???

    That’s just disgusting. I will never let my little girl get that big. She just turned a year old and weighs about 11 pounds, but as she matures, she’ll keep her weight down. She’s healthy and active, but a 35 lb cat is not a healthy cat!!

    Sorry, but that looks fake. The cat is posed almost identically in both photos. Even look how the tail curves at the end. I think we are being had here…

    I’d like to see that cat climb up a tree.

    HOLY CRAP! I thought my cat was a fatass.

    I WANT!

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