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!! OMG, how cute: Over-exposed Internet babies !!

With over 4 million views, there is a good chance some of you have already seen this Korean baby singing The Beatles, but she is so talented and the set design is so genius that I must share it with the remainder who haven’t yet seen it.
After the jump, watch “Charlie bit my finger,” another Internet video sensation that has yet to make its debut on !! omg blog !!, and some of the fan response videos it has spawned on YouTube.

The freaky laugh remake:

The homoerotic frat boy version:

And my favorite, the totally safe for work “adult” remix:

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    that was awesome i love all 4 version of charlie bit my finger…

    I guess some people don’t have day jobs.

    Frank, I am loving that last one!
    creepy with the voices!

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