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!! OMG how mesmerizing: Claire’s face-plant !!

Ugh, how mad was I that it was a stupid re-cap show on America’s Next Top Model on Wednesday? Steaming mad, everyone, steaming mad.
But this GIF I found on FOURFOUR totally makes up for it.
Bam! Bitch went down!
Bam! Bitch went down!
Bam! Bitch went down!

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    claire was one of the coolest girls there but that was hilarious when she face planted

    is that “Bam! Bitch went down!” a scream references?

    I hope you mean bitch in a good way cause’ Claire’s definantly the best one (along with Lauren, of course).

    Haha, she was mesmerized alright, oh wait, maybe that was dazed! rofl

    You don’t know me, I stumbled upon your blog most accidentally a few weeks ago and immediately subscribed! Your posts capture the best of all my favorite things: pop culture, male nudity, the arts, etc.
    And then to see you express your rage at the ANTM recap episode, I knew that we were kindred spirits 😉 I was beyond peeved when I realized it was a recap episode, after a long day at work, I came home and turned on the DVR, pressed play, only to realize Tyra cheated me again this season with that damn recap baloney!
    Anyway, thanks for the totally fierce blog! I will keep reading!

    That must have hurt. Bitch should have listened to Jay Manuel…
    Not fierce.

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