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!! OMG, how tough: Exoticos !!

Imagine if Hulk Hogan wore a tutu and pranced around the wrestling ring. Really, imagine if anyone in American wrestling did that. I might actually watch.
In Mexico, they have gay wrestlers and they are called “Exoticos.” Maximo, the pink-haired Exotico in the above video is one such wrestler, and though he gets annihilated, it’s fun watching him prance back and forth with his pink hair before hitting the mat. (via Feyfriends)

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    Back in the 80’s the WWF featured a wrestler named “Adorable Adrian Adonis.” Though he wasn’t really gay (I believe he was married with children), Adrian was portrayed as an extremely effeminate homosexual- so there is a precedent here in the states.

    omg. i luv how they were bitch slapping each other! we should definately have one of those here in the u.s.

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