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!! OMG, new Goldfrapp video: ‘Happiness’ !!

Hopping around the city all in one take could be tiring, but this guy is just too happy to notice in the new video for Goldfrapp’s “Happiness” from her album Seventh Tree. (Thanks to Kevin R. for the tip!)

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    I think this album is just fabulous. Love it to death. It’s like the summery morphine induced version of Felt Mountain which is my second favourite Goldfrapp album. I love this daring course change. And this video is amazing!

    I love Goldfrapp, and especially “A&E” from the new album… but I miss the glam rock from “Supernature.” Anyone with me? I hope it returns someday.

    Homage to Bobby Van in “Small Town Girl”?

    Oh, this makes me want to go listen to the album now it’s been sitting their for long enough.

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