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!! OMG, new Kylie video: ‘All I See’ !!

The video for Kylie Minogue’s first Stateside single “All I See” from her new album X has been released, and though she’s sporting diamond-studded headphones and a night sky full of stars, she shines the brightest.

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    omg can anyone say cheap? thats the worst video she’s made, cheap an nasty! and she looks trashy, I hope she doesnt go down the same road as Madonna, mature lady gone bad…I love kylie!! Dont do it!!!

    Her X album is great. It is too bad that US radio does not give good artists a chance. US radio stations and Top 40 are the most boring things and contribute to declining music sales.
    I am glad she is appreciated in Europe.

    lame video.

    That’s rubbish.
    If it’s not good enough to release in the UK and europe, why is she releasing it in the US?

    Obviously X has been out in Australia for ages. It is really good. Her first single here was 2 Hearts, then WOW and currently In My Arms. I like this song and I hope she does well in North America.
    p.s. Kylie is the “companion” on the 2007 Doctor Who Christmas special! She was very good!

    it’s a good video but was hoping it would be colorful like her last 3 videos for 2 hearts, wow & in my arms. i’d like to know who the hot tattooed stud is in it too. he is hot and can move. kylie looks gorgeous as usual.

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