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!! OMG, she’s a Republican: Heidi Montag !!

Heidi Montag is voting for John McCain. It makes me wonder if all the other girls on The Hills are Republican bitches, too. Whatever, I’ll still watch it. (via ONTD)

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    I love that Drurian had a valid and eloquent liberal argument and ohguy’s best response is “you have no room to talk” and referring to Democratic women as “sluts.”
    First of all, ohguy, name-calling is generally a result of having no argument whatsoever. Secondly, Democratic women have self-respect, which means they are not sluts. Republican, floor-scrubbing, cookie-baking, autonomy-less females are the ones giving it up… because they just want to be housewives so damn bad.

    She’s also a moron.

    So what … it is just too funny watching all you libs poke fun of republicans-you have no room to talk! I’ll take our republican babes over your democrat sluts ANY day of the week!

    Now this pic just screams “Horse Face!!!” She’s so disgusting.

    Ew, republicans. On a sidenote, Jay Leno apologized for his gay comments the other day when Ryan Phillippe was on the show. Source: Ryan Phillippe

    Spoiled blonde bimbo with completely disorganized set of values/priorities who submits to a patriarchal system, wherein only a man can complete her, compensating for her inherit female flaws?
    Yep, definitely a Republican.

    OMG, I’m so not surprised.

    Well, of course she is. And yet ANOTHER reason to vote Democratic…
    …as if there weren’t enough already.

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