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!! OMG, best play on words ever !!

Sometimes in their rush to get a product out on the shelves, the marketing geniuses behind a line of sex toys can strike gold. Take for example, this Sarah Jessica Parker lookalike sex doll.
Look after the jump for a shot of the box with the amazing tagline.

“Sarah Jessica Porkher Loves Sex in her Shitty”
I’ve never heard it called that before, but I like it! (via Lady Bunny via Produzentin)

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    I’m sorry but SJP is an ugly dog faced c**t. How in the world does anyone find her attractive.

    Should be a good tie-in for the movie!

    we have this and a paris hilton at my work [spencer’s]. we opened one and its just a bad cartoon and she has black hair. kinda looks like janet from ‘three’s company’

    I sell these at my store, there’s also a Tori Spelling 9021HO, a Lindsay Hohan,a Paris love doll, a Jenny from the block, and recently we were asked to pull Eva Longhoria off the shelves. They’re hilarious, and big sellers.

    OMG- Thats freaking hilarious!

    Oh, there is SO going to be a lawsuit.


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