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!! OMG, careful what you Wish for !!

In this scene from Wishmaster 2: Evil Never Dies, a prisoner wishes his lawyer would “go f*ck himself,” and the Wishmaster is only happy to oblige. FYI, this scene is completely not scary. (via Feyfriends)

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    Is it wrong if I got aroused by that?

    OMG… I love these movies… they’re SO BAD. 😀 My favourite scene was the one where the woman wishes someone would just “f*ck her in half”… oh man.

    When my boyfriend does that it’s much hotter. LOL.
    I totally noticed is was Carlos!

    Did anyone notice the second prisioner was Madonna’s baby Daddy Carlos Leon?? Gee, couldn’t she help out his career just a little bit?? For Lola’s sake..

    WTF? Where is this from?!

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