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!! OMG, do you remember: ‘Exit 57’ !!

Post-Second City TV and pre-Strangers With Candy, Amy Sedaris, Paul Dinello, and Stephen Colbert starred in a short-lived sketch comedy series called Exit 57. David Sedaris was a sometimes writer for the series. Here is a skit from the show called “Down in the Basement.”
Watch the “Schoolboys” skit after the jump.

(Thanks to Graydon for the tip!)

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    Doug, You were right the first time, That wasn’t funny. Did you hear the audience groan when they thought it was starting again for the fourth time in the end. God it was awful and awkward, and usually I LOVE Amy Sedaris

    Either that wasn’t funny or I’m stupid – or it was stupid and I’m not funny… Well, I know I’m funny – so maybe it’s not stupid.


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