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!! OMG, he can do anything; Newton !!

With Newton the household robot and his 20mb hard drive, you can leave your eight-year-old kid home alone while you go out on the town, because you know if anything happens, Newton can call the fire department with his 1200 baud internal modem.
Get one for your senile, old mother too. She won’t even realize that Newton isn’t a real person. (Thanks to Minh T. for the tip!)

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    Wow! Newton Rocks! I’ll bet there’s even room in there to carry a fetus to full term.

    So he’s basically R2D2? It looks like a Roomba could kick his ass, though… and clean up afterward. I hated this.
    Maybe it’s all those “who’s Newton?” reaction shots that made me want yell in annoyance. Maybe I’m just intolerant of poorly acting, early 90s WASPs?

    The red and black Newtons look kind of bad ass.

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