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!! OMG, he stole the show: Robert Muraine !!

I missed the premiere of So You Think You Can Dance, but thankfully it came on again last night and I was treated to seeing L.A. “popper” Robert Muraino perform this jaw-dropping routine. (via WOW Report)

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    I just hope he doesn’t get his ass kicked when they want him to perform other styles of dances.

    This Dood is INSANELY talented! I predict a HUGE future for this guy. And this music showcases it. AND he’s cute to boot…The whole package…

    Yeah, I loved the music too. It also didn’t hurt that he’s so cute!
    For anyone interested, the music is the instrumental version of “It’s Me Bitches” by Swizz Beatz

    super sexy!
    diggin’ the music also!

    Hehe, I just love the judges on this show. I could listen to Mary cackle for hours 🙂

    Oh yeah,this guy was just insane! I think the accompanying music went a long way towards making the whole routine work.

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