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!! OMG, he’s naked: Alex Schultz !!

More mainstream fashion nudity, this time in the Tom Ford SS08 ad campaign. Male model Alex Schultz bares it all in a couple shots, and it makes you wonder if they had a penis stylist on set to make sure his balls were lying just so.
See the NSFW photos after the jump.

(Image Source)
Check out the rest of the ad campaign here. Fair warning: there are lots of boobs.

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    they all look like they need a cheeseburger

    what a recognisable tanline, is tanline in? hot tho


    Whats with the shot of them all smoking? Do they really think thats intelligent or healthy? Cmom guys,whats the point of lookin good n healthy on the outside when youre killin yourselves on the inside! Wisen up! Nice cock tho!Yummy!

    it certainly wasnt cold on set that day…


    I am sure Tom enjoyed assisting him with testicle placement

    hes hot and that cock tooo


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