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!! OMG, how manly: Dave Pinla !!

I can’t tell if this guy is trying to sell a new reparative therapy program or just trying to turn us on. There’s something about the way he says “manhood” that could point to a secret penchant for erotic gay fan fiction. (via Feyfriends)

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    Where was this guy when Ted Haggard, Mark Foley, and 2/3 of the Catholic Church needed him? He’s obviously a giver. He probably doesn’t give some of the things he USED to give, but everyone knows real manhood-y men find it more blessed to receive…

    It’s true, I also enjoy helping another man with his increasing manhood.

    I have to say, I also feel great when I help another man really understand himself. Change is possible (usually in the form of a few inches growth in the right place).

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