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!! OMG, it’s not a penis !!

The new ad for Sony’s Playstation 3 is so provocative I put it after the jump so as not to startle anyone in especially strict office environments. Technically, there is not nudity in the picture, but I would still exercise caution in looking after the jump.

Bonus points to anyone who can point out the clever Photoshoppery.
(via Jossip via JD)

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    It’s provocative and sexy and defintely makes you remember the ad but i’d be more likely to release tension after seeing it rather than running out and getting a ps3

    This is awesome

    yeah Im not sure I get it…is he gonna playstation with his willie?
    Hes cute…thumbcock and all.

    I would simply call it a joystick!

    hot dude for one…and the thumb is kinda like an obsession with playsation like men are with sex lol

    the connection is that ull love the ps3 as much as u love ur penis

    What’s up with that? It’s hot but I don’t get how that sells videogames.

    I do believe a thumb!
    He’s hot though.

    whole new meaning to thumbsucking.

    Thumbs up to the folks at Playstation!

    is that a thumb? weird.

    Its a THUMB!!!!!

    it’s a thumb!

    Terrifying. Absolutely terrifying.

    so what is the thumb doing? Im not sure if I see the video game connection.

    so what is the thumb doing? Im not sur if I see the video game connection.

    whose thumb is that or should we say joystick lol

    oh…. it’s a thumb…
    but it took a minute and some close scrutiny

    WOW that’s a provocative thumb.

    So I thought it was a penis at first, but now it looks like a thumb… and I still can’t figure it out.

    its a thumb!

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