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!! OMG, let’s go to Philly !!

From Craig’s List:
It might be a joke, but I don’t care. I’m willing to take the risk for all that free crabstick. (Thanks to Ed and Kevin for the tip!)

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    Well, if theres crabmeat involved….

    Holy crap…I am SO sending this to everybody I know…JO and pretending to be Godzilla, what more can you ask?

    He’s not gay tho! He just wants to touch your junk. This ad is insanity.

    That’s crazytalk. Clearly these are O-scale trains.

    Oy,Vey… Touching, toy trains and crabmeat at 4 a.m.? Is this really what we’ve come to?

    well i wasn’t gonna consider but the crabmeat (imitation) set it off for me!

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