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!! OMG, looking sexy: Matt Damon !!

On the set of his new film The Informant, Matt Damon is sporting quite an impressive ‘stache. This lady actually couldn’t resist his allure:
(via ONTD via Dlisted)

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    As much as I hate to admit it, he’s still Matt Damon….
    (God I’m jealous of Sara Silverman!!!!)

    honestly, after seeing all the Bourne movies, I’ll just be happy to have him in my bed. a ‘stache can always be shaved and i can help him with that…

    Dude, he was being sarcastic. Geez.

    This film is being filmed in Decatur, IL which is where I’m going to college right now. I actually know some of the people in the background of the second photo, lol.
    P.S. Yes, he does look horrible but he is still Matt Damon… sigh…

    ah no, he looks like he belongs in a 70s disco!

    horrible. He usually looks much better.

    Umm, no. That’s hideous, and he looks like Chester the Molester.

    ewww…he looks like a child molester.

    Ewww he looks like a creepy dad who touches little kids bathing suit areas.

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