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!! OMG, new MGMT video: ‘Electric Feel’ !!

First Sigur Rós with “Gobbledigook,” now MGMT have hipsters dancing tribally in the woods for their new “Electric Feel” music video. I hereforth dub such people HIPSTIES (hipster+hippy).
So which video is better? The Sigur Rós video has a leg up because the hipsties are naked, but the MGMT one has fantastical monsters, psychedelic body paint, and most importantly, a cameo appearance by The Country Bear Jamboree!
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    Saw the in London live two weeks ago, we OK but nothing great… still i like this video.

    I like this one better~
    It might be because I really enjoy the song or it might be because they gutted the moon and covered themselves in its digital blood.
    Either way it’s a good time for music videos.

    How much you wanna bet their grandparents went to Woodstock?

    bb girl! sigur ros >>>> mgmt

    “Time To Pretend” was kinda cute for the novelty of seeing new meat; but with this video they’ve proven themselves to be nothing but total poseurs.

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