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!! OMG, C*nt Smasher !!

For the next post on Dirty-Word Friday here at OMG Blog, check out the above video of Cunt Smasher from Geraldo.
Cunt Smasher appears to be a video-game villain stripper from heaven.

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    This reminds me of a game I saw at bored.com the other day. Someone actually named a game “Cunning Stunt.” I have a problem typing that properly, much less saying it. Anyway, happy cunt smashing!

    OMG, that was Shriekback (“Nemesis”) he was shakin’ it to. I haven’t heard that for … 20 years?
    “Priests and cannibals, prehistoric animals
    Everybody happy as the dead come home
    Big black nemesis, parthenogenesis
    No-one move a muscle as the dead come home ”

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