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!! OMG, her blog: Bai Ling !!

Hollywood’s perpetual guest star, Bai Ling, has her own blog (don’t we all?). With bit parts in Entourage and Lost, I was gagging to know what she had to say and wasn’t let down when I found HER BLOG.
Here’s the entire blog entry that went with the above photo:

I asked him what do you want me to write more? He says ” we will talked about that later……”

Can you imagine having to spend a day with her?

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    I don’t understand how she got the rep for being crazy — OK, maybe I do; but she’s not a bad actress, and supposedly she was also quite famous when she was working in Asia — how is it now that she’s better known for being nutty than being talented?

    Give the bitch a break. I’d like to see how great you blog in Chinese!

    It just goes to show you that anyone, I mean ANYONE, can be famous in Hollywood.

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