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!! OMG, he’s naked: Dustin Brown !!

NHL player Dustin Brown is 23 years old and the right wing for the Los Angeles Kings, but enough of that sports talk. You’ll be talking about what he’s hiding in his cup after you watch the NSFW video after the jump.
No hidden locker room cam necessary, this was captured on ESPN! Make sure you watch to the end. That’s when the magic happens.

UPDATE: I’m aware that the logo is covering an important piece of the screen in the video, so you can watch it again sans logo right here. Sorry about that!
UPDATE 2: Here is the screen cap some of you were asking for:
(Video Source. Thanks to Ruben for the cap!)

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    Went by much too fast! Can someone get a screen shot of that and post it as a still?
    Looks hot though!!

    That was hilarious!
    He looked right at the camera so, he knew what he was doing and, notice how just when his jock strap went down, the camera man jerked the camera a bit to the right to get the money shot?
    I think I may have studied this video a little too closely.

    Okay, I waited patiently and even paused the video, but your damn !! omg blog !! graphic is in the way! The meat does look thick though from what I could see.


    Damn, a very quick view, but he looks like he could be packin’!

    Oh yeah, that cameraman totally made sure to catch that!

    Too bad the omg blog watermark covered the goods. Maybe when this happens the watermark should be placed on another corner of the screen?

    Definitively a fistful of thick manflesh… I love hockey….. players that is.

    Mikey, I had the same thought you did…
    nice hockey stick tho


    nice and thick, just like the way i like them

    Sorry about the watermark, guys. Look again for the link to a clean version. xo Frank

    For some reason, the video wouldn’t play at all for me. Is there an alternative link?

    He could fuck me all day long in the locker room.

    young, thick and uncut…yummy

    its not that great.

    Thats funny because the Camera man tried to capture something bcause he turned the cam a bit well tinsy winsy itibsy second. LOL!

    That satisfied a longtime fantasy of mine,,,,,HUGE load!

    did anyone notice that camera practially swerved to get the nekkid shot in? I had thought it was just going to be some pan shot of a bunch of guys changing, or that it was intentional.
    I think we have a friend in that cameraman. So when his gay butt gets fired (if he’s a guy that is), don’t forget to help the man out. 😉

    mmmm…. hawt!

    is he cut or uncut? for me looks cut!

    DAMN! His junk is lovely

    Wow. Nice. I loved the hard cut to the right and then back again. “Mistake”. LOL.
    That’s my team that whooped their ass, though, LOL. Sabres won 5-1.

    Wow, I feel SOOOOOOO bad for him, he must be so embarrassed, but it’s not what I’d hoped for.

    Of course he’s cut,like all guys should be. It’s hot,long,thick,nice big head,he’s not shy,nor should he be!

    Ouch, that isn’t something you’d like to see all over tha internet, especially that size, that suckss.

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