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!! OMG, he’s naked: Kevin Zegers !!

Kevin Zegers first came to the national gay attention in the film Transamerica with Felicity Huffman. He played the part of the brooding teenage son a little too well, and also flashed us a quick look at his goods. A perfect debut!
And now he’s romancing an older lady in the film Normal, and his butt gets a good amount of screen time. Check it out in the NSFW caps and clip after the jump.

Click to enlarge. Download video clip here.
And don’t forget that great skinny-dipping scene in Transamerica:
(Image and Video Source)

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    He has a very small penis.

    He is so Hot!!!! Id love to have sex with him.
    Yummy cock also… Can I have your number??

    ……..kevin is so hot!!!!
    …….is his penis big?huh?

    Need to see more pics of kevin the hottie 🙂
    loooooove you and i wish i could have sex with
    you 🙁

    oh gash he is too sexy.i love him he is lovely boy.but i never just think that he do this.

    hes soooo cute and hes soo hot!!! hes the hottest man u could ever see… i think im in love with him!!!!, wait, iam

    he is superhot…I love Transamerica..I’d love to be loved by him.

    He’s growing up nicely though. Cute kid.

    He is so hot…it’s a shame he’s such a jerk though

    such a cute little butt.

    I’ll never look at Air Bud the same way again.

    He is so hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nice butt, what a cutie

    can you get the pics of Gilles Marini from the new Sex and the city movie. (kims guy next door)

    What a beautiful young man…so refreshing. Wonderful assets both frontal and most especially that perfect ass. Thanks for sharing!!!

    he is absolutely perfect i love him cant even believe this is the kid from air bud!!!


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