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!! OMG, how funny: Boy Interrupted !!

New fun activity: Sneaking up on your roommate with a video camera as he jerks off to a dancing virtual woman. She’s almost as sexy as SERGIO.
This new genre of videos seems to be popular in Japan based on the posting of them on Japanese YouTube. See a few more slightly NSFW videos after the jump.

And my favorite, Two Guys by the Window:

(via Ashton Cruz, link NSFW via Sticky, link NSFW)

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    They’re posted on Japanese YouTube, but seems like these clips are all American-made…
    BTW, Sergio is extremely annoying, and refuses to turn gay. Totally useless.

    I guess YouTube frowns upon this because none of the videos are no longer available and this was posted today!

    haha he was jerking to world of warcraft… its unfortunate that i know that

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