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!! OMG, it is too gay? ‘Xanadu’ !!

If you’re on Broadway and need to win a Tony Award, Cubby Bernstein is the man (small boy) to call. In episode 6 of this YouTube series, Tony Award winner Nathan Lane speaks with Cheyenne Jackson and the other mostly nude members of the cast of Xanadu about why the show might be too gay to win a Tony. (via Ashton Cruz, link NSFW)

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    LOL, that was quite funny!

    OMG, how much did Sean Cody pay Nathan Lane to name drop in the clip? Freakin’ hilarious.

    Um, hello? A “Xanadu” video that doesn’t feature the amazing KERRY BUTLER is not a “Xanadu” video worth watching, IMO.
    She is so amazing.

    that was great, totally funny.

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