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!! OMG, it’s real: Office meltdown !!

Office Worker Meltdown Second Angle – Watch more free videos
Here is a second angle of the office meltdown video I posted yesterday, shot from a bystanders cellphone. There’s audio in this one, but I can’t figure out what language they are speaking. Any ideas? (Thanks to Scott K. for the tip!)

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    Wow, it’s obviously fake. It’s a hollow computer that’s not attached by any wires. Suspicious much?

    Aww, that poor computer. And WTF? Was that the sound of a tazer?

    That’s Russian they are speaking (surprise, suprise)

    What the fuck was this guy so pissed off about, and was he on PCP or something? Geez.

    i think i heard someone say “нет!нет!(niet!niet!)” so im guessing its russian.

    I think it’s Russian. I thought I heard a “nyet” in there somewhere…over the woman’s screaming. LOL

    Although really the only part that was clear was one of them shouting, “Fuck you!” repeatedly.

    It’ Russian.

    I thought I heard someone say “Por favor” somewhere along, making me think it’s spanish. But since I understood “nada” else, I’d rather venture into eastern european dialects….

    I hear the word Het, which makes me think its russian, Het (Niet) is russian for no

    I think its baltic like Croation or something. i only say that because i went to an international school and there were alot of people from around that area. and it sounds very famillier

    it’s russian.

    It sounds like Russian! Or somewhere in Eastern Europe. OMG! They taze him!

    Did J.J. Abram direct this video?
    Very Cloverfield!
    It’s just another Hollywood ploy to get a buzz going about his new movie.

    I have days like that.

    Sounds Russian or something.
    And omg, imagine having to go to work the next day after being such a drama queen the day before.

    I can’t hear the words clearly at all, but I’m pretty sure it’s Russian… they definitely have that accent, and I think I heard “nyet” a few times, in addition to a few other Russian words I recognize.

    wow, i’ve never seen anyone in real life be tasered before…

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