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!! OMG, new gay energy drink !!

Anal Blast is the only drink that is guaranteed to turn you gay. (Thanks to Darrell P. for the tip!)

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    That was dumb…and repetitive…and repetitive…and repetitive…

    OMG, this is over a year old! 😉
    It’s actually a spoof of a spoof, to put it in context…

    LOL…haha, I thought bulldog gin was engineered to turn you “uncomfortably gay” too but I guess now they have something for the non-booze crowd
    Parts of this are stupid but I love how the bottom of the can says “A Product of the Coca Cola Company”. Friggin priceless!

    hey Frank – please can u put up the stills from the movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall in which Jason Segers bares ALL? Thanks 🙂

    How friggin’ stupid! This is made by some schmuck in Jersey. OMG Blog I expected so much better from you! This is really pathetic.

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