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!! OMG, the downside of gay marriage !!

Gay weddings aren’t all fashion and fun: sometimes having the option of getting married can trigger an unpleasant situation. (via Dan Fishback)

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    planned skit, but it does outline a problem in some relationships. using the “it’s not legal” excuse is starting to run out.

    I love these boys. Cole is cute.

    Both of them are ugly. Who wants to stare at 2 big nostrils.

    absolutely hilarious! loved it!

    That is too funny. Good stuff. 🙂

    Good writing! Officially my favorite video of the day. And Mika as background music is just a nice touch.

    Omg, lol! That was pretty funny. xD

    Cute and funny.

    Is it bad that I actually liked that video?
    The main guy was kind of cute too.

    probably wouldnt work anyway…two pots and no lid
    (at least thats how a friend recently described the end of his sexually frustrating relationship)

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