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!! OMG, he’s a natural disaster: Bush !!

Enjoy your last 4th of July under his reign, America!
Thanks to Harold for the tip.

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    I’ve been seeing a rash of conservatard postings on gay blogs recently. Who wants to bet they’re all being done by one Heritage Foundation employee?

    Brilliant! Should have been real.
    Oh and to Ohguy937- here’s one for you too:
    “Piss off a republican; think.”

    I love how there’s neocons who read and comment on a gay blog.
    Being a gay Republican is equivalent to being a Jewish Nazi.

    The Onion is a funny parody site for sure, but to you sour faced libs out there I say: “suck it up and get a life…i can’t wait to see how much fun you poke at a GENUINE disaster that would be a B.Hussein Obama presidency!”
    Celebrate freedom today! It will drive a democrat nuts! =0)

    eh, it’s pretty funny. totally wrong on a few things…like the whole premise of the video…

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