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!! OMG, he’s naked: Christian Bale !!

I’m very excited to see The Dark Knight tonight, and in anticipation I’ve posted a couple NSFW pics of Christian Bale’s weiner and bum after the jump.
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    A total dream come true!

    HOT package!


    not hot

    He’s just creepy……even as Batman.

    awsome one

    That is a NICE weiner.
    He has always been not just a great actor but seriously hot too.

    That’s one thick cut of meat!

    The pictures are reversed. Fastasy: I could tame that psycho down. Then clean him up.

    This might be interesting to see if he was actually attractive.

    This made my day man. He oozes sex appeal, with one fat cock.

    Dam hes cute. I’d do him

    Christian has a Nice ASS and Penis! I would be his “Robin” partner fighting crime and or evil! mmmmmm
    …and that’s NO JOKE! 🙂

    He’s a good looking guy and looks very much like Manuel Ferrara, the French porn actor. Nice dick,fat.

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