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!! OMG, he’s naked: Hunter Parrish !!

Young Silas Botwin is all growns up on the latest season of Weeds. Actor Hunter Parrish is buff and tan and simulating cunnilingus in the NSFW stills and video after the jump, and he’s not wearing anything!
UPDATE: I just received a C&D from Lionsgate (my second one ever!), so I’ve taken down the stills. You can still watch and download the video clip while it lasts, as it’s not hosted on my servers. Sorry for the inconvenience! xo Frank

Download video here or watch it below.

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    now only if that were a man hunter was going down on….

    Do you think it is really him? I am not sure. I think he is a bit slimmer.

    i thought the same thing! and he’s whiter. im pretty sure this isn’t him.

    heh, that looks like some raucous monkey-loving going on there!

    I don’t think it’s really him.

    i watched the episode yesterday and i knew you would put it up here! lol

    That is him he went on chelsea lately and talked about it

    SHould have said “OMG his butt” cuz that’s all it is. lame post.

    omg he has a hot ass!!!!!!!

    as soon as i saw the episode i knew it would make it on here haha

    Does anyone out there know what the title of this episode was and what season it is from?

    everyone certainly loves to yell “fake” around here. Hunter spent a good deal of time this year buffing up at a gym near his mother’s place in Richmond, VA. he also works at a record store here when he’s not filmingWeeds or other projects. and it is most certainly him. he’s just signed on to play Melchior Gabor in the road show of “Spring Awakening” and you can count on seeing more of his rear and perhaps other bits as well in the coming weeks and months

    Can anyone tell me what Julie Bowen was wearing when Hunter was between her legs? How many takes was done? Where can stills be found on this scene from Weeds? Thanks.

    Why were the stills removed? Were the stills more revealing that the photo? Can anyone tell me or guess what is Hunter looking at in between Julie’s lovely legs? Anyone know how many takes were done on this scene?

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