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!! OMG, Hipster Bingo !!

Okay I’m guilty of a couple of these (I really wish I hadn’t bought that House of Holland shirt), and we’re all gheys in our own wheys, but to my credit I’ve never worn a headband!

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    shit man, i’m wearing my aa deep v right this minute.

    I don’t quite get the guy/girl running that site. He/she seems very knowledgable of all things “alt” and yet makes fun of almost every aspect of “alt” in a way that it’s a bit difficult to see if he/she is a part of the whole “alt” thing and just making fun of his/her own stuff or just mocking others from outside. I’m not sure if I should laugh or cry when I read that page.

    Ohh dear, thats me!

    You are totally the Whoopi Goldberg of Alt Bingo.

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