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!! OMG, how fit: Playgirl Model !!

Playgirl model Nicholas Ryan has some creative hula-hoop moves in the above NSFWy video. I don’t really understand how the nunchucks play into all the gyration, but, you know, whatever.

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    And how gay is this guy ???

    That IS Reese Rideout from Randy Blue. Gay Gay Gay!

    it that gyration or gayration? Just sayin…

    This guy is so beautiful, he’s done a lot of straight porn and he’s really big in the tool department if you know what I mean…you should watch some of his videos.

    It looks like that guy Reese from Randy Blue

    gosh. I just saved it as my fave. O_o

    OMG – He totally looks like he could be Peter North’s son! I suppose I just dated myself! 🙂 Anyway, sister should be doing spreads in gay mags not Playgirl. Girl please!

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