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!! OMG, how risque: Roisin Murphy !!

Irish pop singer Roisin Murphy is planning to not only go completely naked in the video for her cover of Bryan Ferry’s “Slave to Love,” she wants to have a sex scene:

“I really want to have a full-on sex scene in the video, preferably with a younger man, so I can play Mrs Robinson.”

This could potentially be even better than lobster rape. (Thanks to Kevin R. for the tip!)

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    I say , go for it!

    It’d better be completely different than the original version — Ferry’s not even dead yet! Some classics shouldn’t be tampered with — no matter how much I love her.

    Hmmmm,love her music, not sure about this…

    Not that I’m tetchy, but she’s Irish. Not British. In the interests of posterity, like.

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